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Week 4

I am glad you showed up this week.  The time and energy you spend investing in your growth matters. 

This week, you are going to identify what you look like in three levels; healthy, average, and unhealthy.  Personalize these 3 spaces so that you can become aware of when you are slipping into the average and unhealthy. What do you look like and feel like in each of these spaces?  Make note of your answers.  

Read through the Upstream and Downstream Practices Worksheet section that is specific to your Enneagram type and pick one practice that you are going to do this week.  Make mental notes of how this feels and how it affects your day to bring to group discussion.

Lastly, we will use the self awareness we gained from the first worksheet and the new practice from the second worksheet to create an action plan for breaking old habits.  

The 4th worksheet for your Enneagram type.

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