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About Kairos Koaching & Angie May

Your moment in time.

Kairos is all about time. At the core of who we are, our design is to function and live out the best parts of ourselves. Without capturing that perfect, crucial moment in time [kairos], we miss out on discovering the best parts of ourselves. Through Koaching, let us help you discover your best self.

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Angie May, M.S.


Angie May strives to bring an effective blend of experience, expertise and passion to the counseling process by providing healing and balance within individuals, organizations and churches throughout the Oklahoma City area. Angie earned a Masters Degree in Christian Counseling in Substance Abuse and Addictive Disorders. Her passion and drive come from experience providing counseling services and seminars to a variety of churches and organizations throughout her career. Kairos Koaching was created in response to the growing need for leadership training to help each person discover their best self, become self-aware and build stronger personal and professional relationships.

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