"I am 100 percent not the same person."

When I started meeting with Angie, I truly was hopeless, couldn’t see the other side, and was stuck feeling so much and very down all at once. Through Angie’s coaching, guidance, encouragement, and powerful homework she designed specifically for me, I began to fully understand myself and was able to process the difficult situations around me in a healthy, healing way - and still am benefiting from all that I have learned! I am 100 percent not the same person and I truly owe that to Angie and her leadership. She balanced empathy and understanding with direction and truths perfectly!

One on One Life Koaching Client 

"I Recommend Angie and Kairos Koaching to all my friends."

Angie has walked with me through several difficult transitions and hard seasons.  I didn't realize how much help Angie would give when it comes to understanding myself, my husband, and the relationships I am most deeply invested in.  She gives me tools to communicate how I'm feeling and awareness to keep me from spiraling into anxiousness and discouragement.  I am so thankful for the way Angie goes above and beyond in making sure she is available for her clients and the professional counsel she gives.  I recommend Angie to all my friends.

One on One Life Koaching Client 


"Amazing opportunity for our staff ... "

The Enneagram Training from Kairos Koaching was an amazing opportunity for our staff that helped us increase our self-awareness and grow in our understanding of each other. Angie is an engaging presenter who knows her stuff and communicates it in a way that is fun and enlightening. I would highly recommend this training to any team!

Enneagram Training 

"My friends and family have noticed change for the better."

I started meeting with Angie during the start of the pandemic and the isolation I was experiencing.  I saw some things in my life that I didn’t understand and I truly wanted to understand my motives.  I had heard of the Enneagram and I was specifically looking for a certified Enneagram counselor and I interviewed 2 other counselors before deciding that Angie was “the one”.  I knew Angie from Arizona where she was my Macro Coach and I liked her style.  What I have appreciated the most from Angie is how she has helped me identify my motives and how my lifelong actions have been influenced by motives I never understood.  My friends and most importantly my family have noticed a change, for the better, in me and how I interact and relate to them.  I see how my actions are influenced by my motives and I identify my whys PRIOR to actions and can align with my goals and what I want in my life.  For me Journaling and daily aligning my actions with my goals has been key.   Meeting with Angie has also helped me with seeing my family in light of the Enneagram and how I can better respond and love them!  I am truly thankful!

One on One Life Koaching Client 

"Angie's Curriculum equips people in a way that serves them. "

We noticed a gap in our service to the women living in our maternity home that had to do with practical, every day behavior. Although they were receiving counseling for their struggles, and learning daily life skills from us, there was something missing where those two intersect: how to deal with real life issues in healthy ways. How could they learn to react to life, or even be proactive, in new constructive ways rather than revert to old patterns? 


That's where Angie May came in! When I asked if she could help us, she responded with her amazing material and personal instruction. We use Angie's curriculum to do a weekly class with our residents and it equips them to deal with life in a way that serves them rather than setting them back. 


Mandy is a perfect example. One night in class, she learned about how to respond when someone is treating her badly and making her angry. Her default response had always been yelling. The very next day, her caseworker gave Mandy some hard news in a not-so-compassionate way. Rather than fly off the handle in her customary manner, she applied what she had learned from DBT class. It was amazing! Mandy's caseworker responded to the change and the whole tone of their relationship was totally turned around by the end of their call. Thank you, Angie!

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Class 

"MY Time inside this group gave me hope."

Angie is a rare gem.  Her warm, approachable manner allowed each of us to relax into the process of self-awareness and discovering our personalities.  Her knowledge of the Enneagram is vast.  Through discussions and examples, she helped us identify behaviors from the different ranges of our Type.  Angie not only listened to our struggles and asked thoughtful questions, but she helped us see ourselves with new (compassionate) eyes.  The resources and practical tools she shared encouraged us to be conscious of our thoughts, to reframe quickly when necessary, and to live predominantly in the healthy range of our Type. 

Most of all, I appreciate that Angie shaped this program around the truth of God's Word, and who we've been made in Christ. Although we each have parts of our character that we're uncomfortable with, my time inside this group gave me hope.  The Lord has made each of us unique, and though life can sometimes be difficult, He is in the process of deepening our dependance on Him and making us whole."

Group Koaching Member