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Week 3

This is the halfway point!  Great job.  As always, reach out if you need anything moving into this week. 

Use this New Messages worksheet to write down messages that you want to begin speaking over yourself.  Put these new messages on post it notes or index cards and place them in areas of your work or house that you spend significant amounts of time in.

Throughout this, we will talk about the roots of behavior often.  This worksheet isolates three different areas of your life; personal, professional, and relational.  Take some time to work through this and idenfity roots (messages) that are producing fruit  (behaviors) in each of these areas. 

We have all had moments where we knew there was a logical response to a situation, but felt completely overwhelmed by the emotional response.  Shaming ourselves will not help us make the right choice the next time, but having tools will.  I created this Reframing Your Thoughts worksheet to help you do so.  

The 3rd worksheet for your type. 

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