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Enneagram Two

The Supportive Advisor.

At their healthiest, they are loving, caring, insightful, generous, and empathetic.

At their unhealthiest, they are manipulative, possessive, needy, and overly accommodating.

At A Glance


Core Fear

Being unloved or unwanted for simply being themselves.

Core Desire

To feel loved and wanted for being themselves.


Part of the Heart Triad, known as the Feeling Center. 

Going Deeper

At their best:

Enneagram 2s have the amazing ability to sustain positive affections for other people and go out of their way to support people.

The message an Enneagram 2's heart longs to hear:

"You are wanted."

In stress:

Enneagram 2s go to 8 in stress, becoming more aggressive and dominant.   They will turn to control and blame as a way to cope.  They desperately need validation for their love and support and when they don’t get that, they suppress their anger or frustration until it is too much and all of that pent up emotion comes out. 

In growth:

Enneagram 2s go to 4 in growth, becoming more emotionally aware and self nurturing.

Ways to get along with a 2:

Tell them specifically what you appreciate about them.

Enjoy sharing fun times with them.

Take a real interest in their problems, even though they will try and focus the attention back on you.

Let them know that they are special and important to you.

Tell them what you love about them.

If you need to point out something negative, please be gentle and affirm them as well.

They can be very sensitive to criticism.

Things that resonate with a 2:

When it comes to helping others and I don’t know how or when I should say “no”.

I am a great listener and I remember people’s stories.
Most people share deep things about their life with me even if I don’t know them well.
I need to be acknowledged and appreciated for my efforts.
I like for my home to feel like a safe and comfortable space for my friends and family.
I want others to think I love everyone, even though I don’t.
People often ask me for help and I place a lot of value there.
Some say my emotions can feel “over the top”.
I feel angry and conflicted when my needs overlap some one else’s.
It is often hard for me to watch movies because it is unbearable to see people suffer.

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