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Enneagram Seven

The Entertaining Optimist.

At their healthiest, they are fun-loving, happy, spontaneous, confident, imaginative, and productive.

At their unhealthiest, they are self focused, manic, restless, rebellious, impulsive, and scattered.

At A Glance


Core Fear

Of being incomplete, limited, bored, trapped in emotional pain, and missing out.

Core Desire

To be satisfied and content.


Part of the Head Triad, known as the Thinking Center. 

Going Deeper

At their best:

Healthy 7s do many things well because their quick and avid minds.  However, this can cause them to overextend themselves

The message an Enneagram 7's heart longs to hear:

"You will be taken care of."

In stress:

Enneagram 7s go to 1 in stress, becoming more critical and judgmental of people and experiences.  They fear looking at and dealing with pain so they seek out more exciting options.

In growth:

Enneagram 7s go to 5 in growth, becoming more introspective, focused and profound.  They place value on wisdom and discipline.

Ways to get along with a 7:

Give them companionship, affection, and freedom.

Engage with them in stimulating conversation and laughter.

Listen to their stories and grand visions.

Accept them the way they are.

They don’t like to be told what to do or feel restricted.

Be enthusiastic with them.

Things that resonate with a 7:
I am always up for an adventure even if it is last minute.
I am an eternal optimist.
I don’t like making hard and fast commitments to things.
People that are close to me say that I act superior and can be argumentative.
Sometimes I get so consumed with the future, I can hardly wait for it to get here.
It is hard for me to finish things because I get bored.
I help others look at the bright side of situations.
I am generally popular and have lots of friends.
I don’t enjoy endings so I typically wait for people to break things off with me even if I
am not happy in the relationship.
Routine makes me bored so I try and change things up and try new things often.
I don’t love expectations placed on me.

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