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Enneagram One

The Moral Perfectionist.

At their healthiest, they are ethical, reliable, productive, fair, and orderly.

At their unhealthiest, they are judgmental, inflexible, controlling, and critical of others.

At A Glance


Core Fear

Being bad, evil, corruptible, or wrong.

Core Desire

To have integrity, be good, ethical, moral, and right.


Part of the Gut Triad, known as the Instinctive Center. 

Going Deeper

At their best:

Enneagram 1s are able to exhibit wisdom and conviction when they are healthy because they have the ability to be impartial in circumstances that call for it. They have clear inner knowing of right and wrong. 

The message an Enneagram 1's heart longs to hear:

"You are good."

In stress:

Enneagram 1s go to 4 in stress, feeling their emotions more deeply.  This can serve them positively, by allowing them to move away from the inner critic and towards a creative solution.  In stress, they often express anger when they feel they can’t keep themselves or others in line.

In growth:

Enneagram 1s go to 7 in growth, again moving away from the inner critic and towards spontaneity.  They become more accepting and at peace.

Ways to get along with a 1:

Make sure you take your share of the responsibility so they don’t have to end up with all the work

They rem very hard on themselves so reassure them often and tell them that they are doing good.

Tell them when you value their advice.

Be as fair and considerate as they are. 

First listen to their worries and concerns, then help them to lighten up by having fun.

Things that resonate with a 1:

People have told me I tend to be overly critical.
I am hard on myself when I make mistakes.
It is frustrating when people ignore or break rules.
I put a lot of emphasis on details.
I find it hard to let go of resentment.
I feel it is up to me to leave the world better than I found it.
I have a lot of self-discipline.
Most things in life are either right or wrong/black or white.
I like routine and rarely welcome change.
I give 100% when working on a project and wish others would do the same.


Next steps



Life coaching

To continue understanding your personality as an Enneagram 1, consider sessions with Angie. 

By doing so, you have access to personally developed worksheets and curriculum for each number.

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