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Enneagram Nine

The Peaceful Mediator.

At their healthiest, they are pleasant, peaceful, generous, patient, receptive, and empathetic.

At their unhealthiest, they are forgetful, stubborn, apathetic, passive aggressive, and unassertive.

At A Glance


Core Fear

Of being in conflict, loveless, separate, uncomfortable, overlooked, and alone.

Core Desire

To have internal stability and peace of mind.


Part of the Gut Triad, known as the Instinctive Center. 

Going Deeper

At their best:

Healthy 9s are open, receptive, reassuring, and encouraging to others. They create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere that enables others to flourish.

The message an Enneagram 9's heart longs to hear:

"Your presence matters."

In stress:

Enneagram 9s go to 6 in stress, allowing themselves to feel concern and worry.  This can cause anxiety and overreacting.

In growth:

Enneagram 9s go to 3 in growth, becoming energetic and motivating.  They can remain fully present in the moment.

Ways to get along with a 9:

Be patient with them and don’t rush them.

Tell them that their presence matters.

Listen to them until they are finished talking.

They enjoy discussions but dislike confrontations.

They tend to focus on others so take the time to really focus on them.

Things that resonate with a 9:
I will avoid conflict all all cost.
I am not a self-starter.
I can get distracted with trivial things and let important tasks go by the way side.
I am fine with going along with what everyone else wants to do.
When I get distracted,I will give my attention to what is in front of me rather than
what needs to be done.
I often choose the path of least resistance.
I like routine at home and work and get uncomfortable when that get’s thrown off.
Other people see me as more peaceful than I actually feel.
Getting started is a challenge but when I do, I get things done.
I am a “what you see is what you get” kind of person.
People mistake me for being a good listener when really long conversations are hard
for me to concentrate on.
Sometimes I “numb out” and think about past things.
I would rather be at home with those I love than go to a big social gathering.
I am often quietly stubborn when demands are placed on me.

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